Concrete, My Friend

Concrete, my friend, now it’s your end.
You may be strong when it comes to compression,
But don’t get me wrong, you lack with tension.

I could reinforce you, although I can’t force you,
And since it’s too much work,
We can only talk
About how pathetic you are
When there is a humongous car
Right there on your roof,
You thin silly goof.

Záhumenský Pavel (4. A)

With Or Without You

I can’t withstand the tension,
You have the aggregate I need,
I want to build a mansion,
From reinforced concrete.

If you were cement, I would be water,
So we could get together and make mortar,
You’re so fine I wanna put you on a scale,
Without you, my concrete is plain.

Matouš Ochvat, Jan Sojka (4. A)